• cfpam - Celtic Folk Punk Rradio is on air

    "CFPAM Celtic Folk Punk Radio is on air! Celtic punk and Celtic rock from the 5 continents. The only global Celtic punk radio"

    As you have noticed, I have been running the blog at a slow pace during the last weeks. I have delayed the reviews and the free music because I had to catch up with a new project.

    In 2011 and 2012 some bands encouraged me to start a podcast or a radio station. I thought over that for a long time and I drew the conclusion that Grinning Beggar and Paddy O'Punk are already making brilliant podcasts. However, I felt that maybe I could create a different radio. I have some experience, since I have had a show at the German fanzine and Internet station Celtic-Rock. Unfortunately their radio is on a German platform that cannot be heard outside Germany because of copyright matters.

    I made a research and basically I found two sites, Live 365 and Radionomy. I decided to open a radio on Radionomy since it's free and it's based in Europe (Belgium). Weeks were passing by and St. Patrick's Day was almost here. I was too busy writing reviews (around 5 reviews/month!!!), so it was obvious that I have to stop the reviews if I wanted to launch the radio before St. Patrick's Day. So, I have been working on the radio station and listening to other stations on Live 365 and Radionomy.

    I am aware that the main Celtic rock site have just started his own radio on the same platform. Nevertheless I don't feel that my radio will be a competitor to that superb station. I have always followed my own way: to focus mainly on new bands and support bands from all over the world. All the Celtic rock/punk sites from both sides of the pond have their own identity, even if they have found some common ground. And I have tried to put the CFPAM blogzine stamp on my radio. If you are a Celtic rock/punk fan I guess that you're  following  as much Celtic rock/punk sites as possible. Then, you should also listen to different radios, because you'll find different approaches and you'll discover new bands.
    The radio is placed at the top of the blog on the right side, but you can also find it here:




    These are the shows that are played:

     1 - Australasian Celtic Punk Rock - Aussie and Kiwi Celtic and colonial punk bands
    2 - British Folk Punk - Non-Celtic punk/rock bands from Great Britain
    3 - Canadian Celtic Punk Rock - Celtic punk and Celtic rock bands from Canada
    4 - European Celtic Punk 1 - Celtic punk bands based in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England
    5 - European Celtic Punk 2 - Celtic punk/rock bands from Spain and France
    6 - European Celtic Punk 3 - Celtic punk/rock bands from Germany, Austria and Switzerland
    7 - European Celtic Punk 4 - Celtic punk/rock from Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Latvia, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden
    8 - European Celtic Punk 5 - Celtic punk/rock from Central and East Europe
    9 - Live! - Your favourite bands on stage.
    10 - Pub Songs - A selection of standards. Every day is St Patrick's Day
    11 - The Emerging Scenes - Celtic punk/rock from Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia, China, Thailand and Japan
    12 - The Top 50 -The best Celtic punk/rock songs that have been released in the last years
    13 - US Celtic punk rock - Celtic punk and Celtic rock bands from the U.S.A.

    The Schedule is as follows:


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